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Stick to the Market Orientation of Electric Power Reform

At present, China is in the middle stage of industrialization, the most typical feature is heavy chemical industry, and the demand for power development is rigid. In this context, the problem is that the understanding of power planning is inadequate, resulting in a relatively lagging behind the development of planning, and lack of scientific and guiding.

"We should adhere to the unchanged market orientation of electric power reform. The ultimate goal of the reform of the electric power system is to give both generators and demanders the right to choose. In my opinion, the key point is to recognize the natural monopoly property of the power grid and play its role as a platform for optimizing the allocation of resources. —— Lu Qizhou

Farewell to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and usher in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. At the same time, CITIC also ushered in the second key stage of the "three-step" development strategy. Looking back on the past and into the future, what achievements have China Power Investment Group made and what development goals will it have? What problems exist in the power industry and in what areas should we focus on improvement and development in the future? Recently, the reporter interviewed Lu Qizhou, secretary and general manager of the Party Group of China Electric Power Investment Group Company with the above questions.

Firm Steps in Enterprise Construction

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, China Power Investment Group established and implemented the "three-step" strategy. By the end of 2010, the first stage of the "three-step" goal has been successfully achieved, laying a solid foundation for the second stage of development. Please give a general evaluation of the development of CITIC.

Lu Qizhou's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, especially the three years since the implementation of the "three-step" strategy, can be said to be the three years of development and growth of China Power Investment, and the three years of fruitful achievements. Over the past three years, we have seized opportunities, accelerated development, doubled the scale of assets, continuously optimized the structure of assets and greatly improved the quality of assets, reversing the disadvantageous situation of weak foundations at the beginning of the establishment; we are keen to reform, bold innovation, strive to consolidate the management foundation, improve the system and mechanism, and improve the group management to a new level; we have worked hard to train our internal skills, concentrate on our work, and withstand the disadvantageous situation. The strong impact of the international financial crisis has withstood a series of severe tests, such as coal price hikes and large shutdown of small units. We have fulfilled our responsibilities and dared to play a full role in the pillar and driving role of the central enterprises and made important contributions to economic and social development.

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