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Active development of nuclear power is a major long-term strategic choice for China's energy resources

China's Academy of Engineering (CAE) released its "China's Energy Medium and Long-term Development Strategy Research (2030, 2050) in Beijing on 28th, saying that it is necessary and urgent for China to accelerate the development of nuclear power. Active development of nuclear power is a major long-term strategic choice for China's energy.

After two years of demonstration and research, the nuclear energy thematic group of China Energy Mid-and Long-term Development Strategies Research (2030, 2050) has formed a broad consensus and put forward a number of research conclusions:

—— It is necessary and urgent to accelerate the development of nuclear power. Nuclear power is a mature energy that can be built in batches. It is a realistic way to meet China's energy development needs. Accelerating the development of nuclear power is also an important way to solve China's energy environmental pollution and achieve the goal of greenhouse gas emission reduction. China should strengthen its competitiveness in the international market for nuclear energy, build a nuclear energy industry system with sufficient safety, good economy and advanced technology, and build a nuclear fuel cycle industry system with sustainable development of nuclear fuel supply and environment.

—— The total installed capacity of nuclear power in 2020 may reach the target of 70 million kW. China has mastered the core technology of the second generation improved aircraft, and has basically met the requirements of industrialization in design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, nuclear safety supervision, project management, nuclear fuel supply and power station operation. In 2020, 2030 and 2050, the total installed capacity of nuclear power will reach 70 million, 200 million and 400 million kilowatts respectively. The proportion of installed nuclear power to total installed power will be 4.6%, 10% and 16% respectively. The proportion of nuclear power to total installed power will reach about 7%, 15% and 24% respectively.

—— Uranium resources are not insurmountable constraints to China's nuclear power development. China is one of the countries with abundant uranium resources. It has proved a considerable amount of uranium resources and has great potential for development. At present, the domestic exploration investment is very insufficient. As long as the investment is increased and the domestic exploration is strengthened, China's uranium resources support capacity can be improved, and the overall arrangement can be made to obtain uranium resources in the international market. At the same time, the research of nuclear fuel reprocessing and fast neutron reactor should be strengthened to realize the reuse of uranium and plutonium and the proliferation of fast neutron reactor nuclear fuel.

—— The pattern of localization of China's nuclear power equipment capability has been formed. The basic conditions for improving the supply of second generation equipment have been met. It is also imminent to realize the localization of equipment manufacturing for third generation units.

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