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Shandong Hongda Valve Co., Ltd.
Service hotline:0538-5624354
Office Telephone:0538-5634888
Ministry of International Trade Import and Export
Address: 163 Ningyang Jiaotong Road, China

Enterprise Spirit: Pursuing Quality Beyond Self

Enterprise Goal: Become a Good Valve Manufacturing Enterprise

◇ “Strict demands”Enterprise development is based on strict culture: a practical and strict culture, is a basic attitude orientation.
◇ “Learning innovation”Learning and innovating culture is the key to enterprise development. It is a culture of opening to the outside world, advocating science and independent development, and a pioneering culture full of the atmosphere of the times.
◇ “Striving for”It is the motive force for the development of enterprises to create a good culture: a culture that is global-oriented and pursues excellence for national rejuvenation, and a high-level goal-driven culture.